In response to school closings due to the impact and ongoing threat of COVID-19, the College Board has developed AP Exams that can be taken online from home this year from May 11-22, 2020. Free online AP classes and review sessions are available at to help students prepare for the 45-minute exams.

Exam to College Course Tool

Find out which institutions in Georgia accept your exam scores for college credit.

  1. Select the Exam Type, such as College Level Examination Program (CLEP).
  2. Select the Exam Title, such as Biology, Mathematics, etc.
  3. Select a Georgia college from the Transfer TO College dropdown list to find out if they accept your exam score for college credit.
  4. Contact the college for more information.

Note: The Transfer TO College dropdown list contains those schools that have provided information about the exam scores they accept for college credit. We will add more schools as we receive their information.

Search Form

Results will display below the search form.

DISCLAIMER: The Exam to College Course Tool should only be used as an informative tool. Please contact the institution for more information.

Available Exams

  • Advanced International Certificate of Education [AICE]
  • Advanced Placement [AP]
  • Caribbean Examinations Council [CAPE]
  • College Level Examination Program [CLEP]
  • Dantes Subject Standarized Tests [DSST]
  • Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service [FLATS]
  • International Baccalaureate [IB]
  • Standard Aptitude Test: Subject Test [SATII]
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