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Using GATRACS as an Advising Tool

Counselors and advisors can use the GATRACS transfer student planner to help students plan their college degrees. Use GATRACS to

Explore Options for Colleges Across Georgia

GATRACS participating institutions include University System colleges, Technical System colleges and independent colleges.

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Get Started with GATRACS as a Counseling Tool

Use GATRACS to help students plan what courses they should take based on the college they would like to attend in the future:

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Learn More about Using GATRACS

The GATRACS transfer student planner is linked within the GAfutures website. Click the links below to learn how set up a free GAfutures account and begin using GATRACS:

Disclaimer: Understanding GATRACS Search Results

Transfer search results in GATRACS is not comprehensive. The results reflect courses that have previously been reviewed by the selected institutions for transfer credit. Use the results as a guide, only. The minimum grade shown may be higher for some courses, depending on the degree program. Courses are added as transfer students enroll at the institution. For more information, please send your application and transcripts to the selected school for official evaluation.